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Futura Obscura: The Timeless Art of Jason Brammer


Remembering the Future III

There’s a nostalgic decay in the work of Chicago artist Jason Brammer.  His Time Machines series incorporates antique items into his paintings, using the 3D materials to pull the 2D past into our world. It draws from Art Nouveau. …

Explorer II Readies Engines for TeslaCon This Weekend


The year is 1880. The wealthy, the well-connected, and the thrill-seeking passengers gather in preparation for the launch of the Explorer II, Royal Britannia’s newest and most advanced Airship. But security remains tight (in light of what happened to the …

Third Bioshock Installment Fully Embraces the Steampunk Aesthetic


I just got wind of this moments ago, so unfortunately I have little information – but what I do see is that the third Bioshock game, Bioshock Infinite, will take the immensely popular, beautifully produced and wonderfully written franchise …

Music Video Shoots, Art Shows, and Conventions Abound for the Chicago Steampunker!


It’s that time again.  Temperatures floating around 90 degrees and then falling to a chilly 75 as apocalyptic thunderstorms roll through.  Every other day you have to come up with another way to get from point A to point B …

Curtis Eller, Sepia-Tone Americana. Cristina Beller brings some Steampunk to Horrorbles


By Prof. Joseph F. Mason

The Uncommon Curtis Eller

I had the pleasure of attending the Curtis Eller show at Uncommon Ground last Thursday.  The first thing to strike me was that this energetic man reminded me of somebody, initially …

Go Forth! Design a Raygun!


If you are anything unlike me (though perhaps like the Rev. Cpt. Flint or the Lady KL) then you wake up on any given morning and think “I wish I had some motivation other than mad science and/or sheer boredom …

Plans, Imagery and Resources for the Intrepid Airship Builder


Airship Over Chicago

I’ve become a great fan of airship history and lore. As captain and creator of the USAS C.E. Rosendahl, accuracy, plausibility and function are all very important to me when creating my floating gas bag based transport. My research has …

First RL&GEMS Soiree of 2010 a SMASHING success!


Steamp;unk Girls Chicago

Well! I must say, I did feel the last soiree was the impressive one but this must have topped them all! No place is quite as lovely to hold a gathering of the minds as Primitive.

We had a …

Chicago Steampunks – Your Night has Come


UPDATE: This event and restaurant is no more!

As it turns out the good Mr. Wesley has put together a new night in Chicago featuring Neo-Victorian style and art, cabaret/vaudeville music and more! What more you ask? Well 30% off …

Steamy Music Compilation from Vernian Process.


If you want to get into some steampunk music, you must stretch your imagination.

True, there are some bands with an entire Steampunk Aesthetic and music set, but there is also music, songs and soundtracks that inspire, or create ideas …