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Lil’ Devils


Les-Odalisques-de-Satan-half-800pxTechnology met mythology in the 1860s and they produced a diabolical vision. Charles Wheatstone invented the stereogram in 1838, which allowed people to see three-dimensional images compiled from two flat images. Paris in the 1860s produced stereoscopic photographs of devils …

Murder! Mayhem! Tour Guides!


Chances are that we will see a renewed interest in Chicago history with the 2013 cinematic release of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City with Leonardo DiCaprio as the murderous H.H. Holmes. After all, it should combine the …

Plans, Imagery and Resources for the Intrepid Airship Builder


Airship Over Chicago

I’ve become a great fan of airship history and lore. As captain and creator of the USAS C.E. Rosendahl, accuracy, plausibility and function are all very important to me when creating my floating gas bag based transport. My research has …