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Cyphan – Chicago Sci-Fi & Fan Convention Starts Tomorrow


That’s right fanboys & girls, dust off whatever sci-fi and/or fantasy and/or horror trope/icon costume you have and head out to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for Cyphan II!  Tomorrow starts the second year of one of Chicago’s newest fan-cons …

Futura Obscura: The Timeless Art of Jason Brammer


Remembering the Future III

There’s a nostalgic decay in the work of Chicago artist Jason Brammer.  His Time Machines series incorporates antique items into his paintings, using the 3D materials to pull the 2D past into our world. It draws from Art Nouveau. …

Steampunk Christmas Party a Clockwork Dream


With a mechanical arm, typewriter key beard, and fanciful monocle on a real wooden hat, Steampunk Santa greeted guests and provided cheer to hundreds at the year’s end Clockwork Christmas! Fancy dressed patrons, steampunk angels, and fortune tellers from miles …

Reenactment of “Battle of Halsted Viaduct” Fun & Outlandish!


Photographs by Elizabeth Mason.

It was a late July 1877 morning in the burgeoning city of Chicago in the Fascist State of Illinois when blue-collar workers from Bridgeport and Pilsen left their streetcars, ships, trains, and factories to clash with …

Clockwork Vaudeville: Chicago Defines Midwestern Steampunk Dance Party


It was the Saturday before St. Patrick’s day – it was raining outside – it was cold – there were a whole lot of things going on – what was a Steampunker to do?

Go to Clockwork Vaudeville of course!  …

Clockwork Vaudeville! Mind controlled music, fantastic gadgets and Neo-Victorian fashion!


Clockwork Vaudeville

Chicago’s First Steampunk Dance Party

Saturday March 13th
Exit Nightclub 1315 W. North Ave.
9pm – 5am

THE VARIABLE DR. N presenting the premiere of his new mind controlled, reality bending live show…



First RL&GEMS Soiree of 2010 a SMASHING success!


Steamp;unk Girls Chicago

Well! I must say, I did feel the last soiree was the impressive one but this must have topped them all! No place is quite as lovely to hold a gathering of the minds as Primitive.

We had a …

Chicago Steampunks – Your Night has Come


UPDATE: This event and restaurant is no more!

As it turns out the good Mr. Wesley has put together a new night in Chicago featuring Neo-Victorian style and art, cabaret/vaudeville music and more! What more you ask? Well 30% off …

Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemens’ Experimental Madness Society Semi-Private Soiree 2.0


Yes!  It IS that time again, is it not?  Now you may be asking, “2.0 good Lord Baron?  But that neither makes contextual sense NOR is it antiquated.”  Yes, you’re correct, but that is beside the point.

As it is …

Upcoming Chicagoland Steampunk(ish) Events!


Hello hello!

SO happy to have been a part of last night’s exquisite soiree! Pictures and report to come up soon so those of you who missed it/are not of a fortitude allowed at our events, can gawk and stare …