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Hail Satan!



Charles Baudelaire published his decadent collection of poems Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) on June 25, 1857. It examined Tableaux parisiens (Parisian Scenes) with an eye on the modern and Les Litanies de Satan with an exhortation …

This Weekend is Steam-Con II: Also first Party of Champaign’s Airship O’Reilly!


Is it that time again already?  I feel as though I left Steam-Con I just yesterday, with its large music shows and tea-time and crazy people thinking they are vampires at 3am on a Saturday.  But truly, that’s without regard …

Curtis Eller, Sepia-Tone Americana. Cristina Beller brings some Steampunk to Horrorbles


By Prof. Joseph F. Mason

The Uncommon Curtis Eller

I had the pleasure of attending the Curtis Eller show at Uncommon Ground last Thursday.  The first thing to strike me was that this energetic man reminded me of somebody, initially …