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Eliza Rickman’s New Video Kickstarter



Here at Steampunk Chicago we’re long standing fans of Ms. Eliza Rickman, having written about her in the early days of our website.  As it turns out she’s now working on a new music video to follow up her …

This Weekend is Steam-Con II: Also first Party of Champaign’s Airship O’Reilly!


Is it that time again already?  I feel as though I left Steam-Con I just yesterday, with its large music shows and tea-time and crazy people thinking they are vampires at 3am on a Saturday.  But truly, that’s without regard …

Eliza Rickman: Girl & Toy Piano


My lovely partner in crime, the Lady KL Kenzie had a novel idea last Tuesday, we were to go see a “live band” play “music” before a “crowd”. Now regardless of how arcane the idea sounded, I am a novel …