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The Tie Bar Takes Care of All Your Ascot Needs

The Tie Bar is a well-kept gentleman's secret. They carry a wide range of ascots and cravats at affordable prices.

I Do Say, Are Those Working Gears on Your Finger?


First off, thank you to my good compatriot Keith Kaye for bringing this lovely item to light.  He is a wealth information for such things.

Formalities aside, if you are, and I am vaguely afraid you may be, anything like …

Eliza Rickman: Girl & Toy Piano


My lovely partner in crime, the Lady KL Kenzie had a novel idea last Tuesday, we were to go see a “live band” play “music” before a “crowd”. Now regardless of how arcane the idea sounded, I am a novel …

Vintage Clothing, Militaria, Devices and Gadgets for the Historical Steampunk


WWII Goggles

Steampunk fashion and culture can be DIY, modded, recreated, adapted, changed or created from the ground up. As a fashion and device aesthetic, it can come from or be any time period. Military clothing, badges, devices and gadgets are perfect …

Chicago Steampunks – Your Night has Come


UPDATE: This event and restaurant is no more!

As it turns out the good Mr. Wesley has put together a new night in Chicago featuring Neo-Victorian style and art, cabaret/vaudeville music and more! What more you ask? Well 30% off …

Field Report – RLGEMS Soiree December

On the lovely evening on December 1st, I, the Lord Baron Vourteque, decided to humbly open up my abode to the strange, oft-unruly, sometimes macabe, and always beautiful members, friends and family of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemens’ Experimental Madness …

A Steampunk Outing to the DIY Festival


It was Sunday November 22nd and after posting on Steampunk Empire that it might be fun for all six existing Chicago Steampunkers to meet up for brunch and a trip to the DIY Marketplace – four of us were actually …

Windycon 36: Photographs


Windycon 36 was an amazing success, full of fashion finery, bully beer, gadgetry galore, beautiful boots and perfect panelists.

Some photographs from the event can be seen on The Facebook, as made by the Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint

Windycon 2009

The Clockwork Cabaret Proves That I’ve Listened to Steampunk Music All Along


This is something I should have posted quite a bit ago.

When I am doing aether-devise modifications, or concocting culinary inventions or just want some degree of background noise that is a good 30/70 split between some-what witty banter and …

STEAM-CON – Report from a Midwest Steampunker


I had just worked 20 hours (literally) and had not eaten a single meal.  I was wearing my “traveling” jeans, a vest, my pocket watch and compass, my great jacket and holding a walking stick.  People were looking at me …