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Kickstart My Art


BirdEatsBabyBackerSince way back when, patrons have funded the arts. The Medicis were the financial backbone of the Renaissance. Nowadays, crowdfunding campaigns have made the process more democratic and allow the support to go directly to the artist. Here are a …

Not a Review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants”


In lieu of the review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants” that I was asked to write, it seemed worthwhile to discuss the bonds that exist within the steampunk community.

Back at June’s Polyphonic Panorama at Chicago’s Abbey Pub, …

Hellblinki – Pirates Meet Steampunk With New Concept Album


Thanks to Mr. Auto-Technical (whom SHOULD be writing this post instead of I!)

Definitely check out the Neo-Vaudville-Americana-Pirate-Industrial-MusiqueConcrete group Hellblinki. I downloaded their album “Oratory” and I’m loving it, attached are two songs I’m particularly fond of, the first …