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African Steam Safari via Luxury Train


141106161010-rovos-rail-steam-safari-horizontal-galleryThere’s hardly anything more old-timey than booking a cabin and enjoying the journey of an old steam train. All aboard to Africa for Rovos Rail’s luxury steam excursions! Traverse throughout the continent on your own personal safari, but leave your …

Steampunks can relive the past this weekend at Military History Fest!



Steampunks! You may only be slightly out of time this weekend at Military History Fest 9 in St. Charles. Nonetheless, we love history, dressing up, and acquiring new gear! No better place to acquire period gear than at a history …

Steampunks well aware of IBM predicted trend



So the eggheads at International Business Machines have spun the cogs of their infernal contabulation machine, and declared that steampunk is an up and coming trend, and will reach new heights this year.

Well, yes. Of course.

Analysts have gone …

History Revised!


History ain’t what it used to be! Steampunks mash up the past and present while looking to the future. Altered History and Alternate Histories are two websites that have fun scrambling the past.

Captain Kit Kaboom (aka Abbey Manalli of …

Celebratory Launch Party for The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Newest Steamy Album


On March 12th, the second album by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, entitled (big breath, here) “This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional …

Where Can I Find a Good Hat in Chicago?


“A topper is a topper and you can’t top that.” -Roger Miller, “The Hat”

It’s a shame to see so many Chicago heads emblazoned with the logo of a sports team. Baseball teams show regional boundaries. Football provides a unifying …

Murder! Mayhem! Tour Guides!


Chances are that we will see a renewed interest in Chicago history with the 2013 cinematic release of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City with Leonardo DiCaprio as the murderous H.H. Holmes. After all, it should combine the …

Watch Chains and Lace Next Sunday, July 24!


Watch Chains and Lace greets the steamy summer next weekend! This is an all ages steampunk event in Oak Park, IL. Come one, come all and experience high tea, music, fashion, dancing, art, vendors, acts and more! Tickets are still

Universal’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The First Submarine Photoplay


In my endless search for out of print films or “lost” films now available via the internet, I often scour and other sites for things I may have overlooked. Recently, I came across two Fritz Lang films from 1919 …

Galena, IL: Hidden Steampunk Gem of the Midwest


The Lord Baron & KL Outside of the Bernadine Stillman Inn where they stayed.

I first went to Galena many years ago, having heard stories about it’s exceptional beauty and European style.  Upon arrival I was not disappointed and since …