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Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine Kickstarter


VGS copy

The joke goes steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown. Put the black back on because Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine is looking to go corporeal! The magazine has been available digitally and print-to-order and now is running a …

Kickstarting Vourteque’s Iron and Jazz Age


Iron and JazzAfter two years of labor, Chicago-based electro-swing producer Vourteque is poised to release The Iron and Jazz Age. His Kickstarter campaign aims to cover mastering and production costs for a March 2015 release.

Vourteque and Dead 2 Me Records

Crowdfunding Roundup


EliSeveral steampunk stalwarts are running crowdfunding campaigns. Eli August and the Abandoned buildings are working on an EP. Frenchy and the Punk are recording a new CD. Unwoman is working on an original album. Victor Sierra is trying to come …

Kickstart My Art


BirdEatsBabyBackerSince way back when, patrons have funded the arts. The Medicis were the financial backbone of the Renaissance. Nowadays, crowdfunding campaigns have made the process more democratic and allow the support to go directly to the artist. Here are a …

League of STEAM kicks off their third season with a new Kickstarter!



I first met the members of The League of STEAM at Steam-Con Two about what feels like ten or fifteen hundred years ago (though I think it was actually only three).  They immediately grabbed me, literally grabbed me, and introduced …

Eliza Rickman’s New Video Kickstarter



Here at Steampunk Chicago we’re long standing fans of Ms. Eliza Rickman, having written about her in the early days of our website.  As it turns out she’s now working on a new music video to follow up her …