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Murder! Mayhem! Tour Guides!


Chances are that we will see a renewed interest in Chicago history with the 2013 cinematic release of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City with Leonardo DiCaprio as the murderous H.H. Holmes. After all, it should combine the …

“Sucker Punch”: More Than Just Bullets and Genre Bending


So it was that yesterday, (Sunday if you happen to be reading this on say, not a Monday), myself, the charming KL Kenzie, the good Rev. Cpt. Sam Flint and the lovely Lady Lisa all went to view what we …

Universal’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The First Submarine Photoplay


In my endless search for out of print films or “lost” films now available via the internet, I often scour and other sites for things I may have overlooked. Recently, I came across two Fritz Lang films from 1919 …

TeslaCon – A Fantastic Immersive Event from Walls to Weapons!


So Tesla-Con I has come and gone and all in all, the people really enjoyed it!  From panels on character development, taxidermy, tiny top hats and (of course) airships to the delightful tea room (and its lovely view) to the …

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus: A Feast For The Eyes That Demands Repeated Viewings


It has taken me a while to write an article on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus for a very simple reason.  It is so complex and is so visually overwhelming that it takes a good week or two to really …

The Stolen Airship by Karel Zeman


Airships, Zeppelins, dirigibles and lighter-than-air steam powered travel are common motifs in both steampunk ideology as well as fiction. The days of the airship have not fully vanished, and continue to occupy a fancy in the collective steampunk consciousness. It’s …

The Steampunk in Sherlock Holmes Film


I see it fairly well now…

“You know” Says Warner Brothers Executive 1 to Warner Brothers Executive 2 “the kids are really into this ‘Steampunk’ thing these days.”

“Steampunk?” Says WBE 2.

“Yeah, Steampunk, it’s kind of like re-writing history, …

Camouflage-The Great Commandment


Who doesn’t like Weimar Period German Cinema, Communist undertones, androgynous 80’s all-male synthpop acts, and countless references to blade runner and Fritz Lang? I’m not sure, but I am 100 percent sure they are not people worth knowing. So it …

The Myserious Explorations of Jasper Morello


In case you have neither heard nor seen, The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello is quite possibly the most beautifully animated film I have ever watched. It is dark, it is strange, it is whimsical and yes, it is pretty …

Abney Park, The Clockwork Dolls, and the Current Sound of Steampunk Music


So thus I woke up, made myself some earl gray tea and thought “I’d like to subject the world to my new favorite music.”

For those not familiar with “Steampunk“, the first thing you should know is that …