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Dieselpunk gleams in Russian music video “Cain” (“Каин”)


The punks of Steam and Diesel are not unique to the west. Our friends in Russia have a large following as well, and their musical talent produces some amazing music videos.

The name of the song is “Cain,” the familiar …

Family Friendly Steampunk in an Old Mansion


Bring the family to Oak Park this Sunday August 14th for magic, music, tea, lawn games, fashion and fun! Steampunk Chicago is proud to present our monthly summer outing, Watch Chains and Lace.

High Tea is from 4PM – 5PM,

This Saturday – Lollapalooza Cultures Collide with Steampunk Circus at Vision


What better way to close out the second day of Lollapalooza than with a genre bending, culture smashing dance party? Notorious Wicker Park weekly promoters, SRTB are producing a Steampunk Circus at Vision Nightclub, and we’ll be there to host …

A Pirates View of WSX


Hello mates! Do you know why you are such an impressive component of the great Steampunk machine? It is because you are a singular cog in the whole contraption and without it you remain an impressive wad of leather and …

V is for Villians’ Debut Album Hits Heavy


I first met V is for Villains a little less than a year ago when we were hosting a table at Wizard World Chicago.  The band had taken it upon themselves to dress up in their lavish outfits and …

Celebratory Launch Party for The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Newest Steamy Album


On March 12th, the second album by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, entitled (big breath, here) “This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional …

Not a Review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants”


In lieu of the review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants” that I was asked to write, it seemed worthwhile to discuss the bonds that exist within the steampunk community.

Back at June’s Polyphonic Panorama at Chicago’s Abbey Pub, …

New Justin Bieber Video Features Misplaced, Peculiar Steampunk and Christmas Elements


Okay, perhaps the headline is a bit catty.  I apologize.  That said, it has come to mine, and I’m fairly certain the rest of the world’s, attention that the new Justin Bieber music video is “steampunk.”  Granted this has become …

Chicago and Detroit Steampunk your eyes and ears with Carnivale Delirium & Theatre Bizarre!


The Clockwork Vaudeville’s Carnivale Delirium II – This Friday!

A year ago this Friday, we here at Steampunk Chicago, decided to take a chance and produce the biggest show we’ve put together to date.  We brought in talent such as …

Unwoman’s “Uncovered Vol 1” Takes the Steampunk Sound in a Wholly New Direction


San Francisco cellist, singer-songer writer and performer, Unwoman, has proven to be a long standing staple of the steampunk music movement.  Having performed at a variety of festivals, events and conventions, and having found solidly consistent airtime on any …