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Teslacon II and the RLGEMS Swim into Madison this Weekend!


Teslacon II continues to explore  the fantastic world of Lord Bobbins versus Dr. Proctocus  this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. We, the RLGEMS and hundreds of other steampunks will be travelling 20,000 leagues under the aether in the fantastic submarine/airship the …

The Tesla Electric Rifle of Rev. Cpt. Flint


Reverend Captain Flint has seen many things in his travels around the world, and many things that should be dead. From the horrors of the undead catacombs of Paris, to the mysterious goliaths of deepest Africa, to the cold steely …

“Sucker Punch”: More Than Just Bullets and Genre Bending


So it was that yesterday, (Sunday if you happen to be reading this on say, not a Monday), myself, the charming KL Kenzie, the good Rev. Cpt. Sam Flint and the lovely Lady Lisa all went to view what we …

TeslaCon – A Fantastic Immersive Event from Walls to Weapons!


So Tesla-Con I has come and gone and all in all, the people really enjoyed it!  From panels on character development, taxidermy, tiny top hats and (of course) airships to the delightful tea room (and its lovely view) to the …

Go Forth! Design a Raygun!


If you are anything unlike me (though perhaps like the Rev. Cpt. Flint or the Lady KL) then you wake up on any given morning and think “I wish I had some motivation other than mad science and/or sheer boredom …

Steampunk Infects Disney – Mundane World Could Be Next


No my good people, that is not an image Photoshopped by a lonely fan of both Disney and Steampunk – that is an image from the’s blog – the post is entitled “The Mechanical Kingdom” and at risk of …

New Raveonette’s “Heart of Stone” Music Video Shows Strong Steampunk Influence


This one will be short and sweet.  My good friend Helena came whirling up to me the other day at Front 312’s “Ceremony” show at Liar’s Club and immediately said.

“Oh My God!  Did you see the Raveonette’s video I …

Steampunk Home for those with Large Imaginations and Budgets.


For the homebuilder or lover of antiquities, only one thing matters. Your home.

The Steampunk Workshop visits a steampunked home.…

Windycon 36 – It’s “Steampunk”


Which – of course – means there will be an awful lot of this.

I cannot deny though, they put a lot of time into those outfits.
My subtle and yet unfounded derision for individuals with more skill than myself …

The Myserious Explorations of Jasper Morello


In case you have neither heard nor seen, The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello is quite possibly the most beautifully animated film I have ever watched. It is dark, it is strange, it is whimsical and yes, it is pretty …