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What I learned at World Steam Expo III


World Steam Expo, or as “we people” like to call it “WSX”, ended a couple of weeks ago and I must say it was a wiz-bang of a time!

Though not quite as tight as previous years …

V is for Villians’ Debut Album Hits Heavy


I first met V is for Villains a little less than a year ago when we were hosting a table at Wizard World Chicago.  The band had taken it upon themselves to dress up in their lavish outfits and …

Chicago Steampunks in News Tribune Article


Surprisingly our Lord Baron Joseph CR Vourteque IV and Mr M made the News Tribune in central Illinois, and it wasn’t for the crime spree! (‘The less said the better.)

Clockworks, corsets, airships and automatons are all remnants of another

T-Pain Continues Modern Musician Trend to Embrace Steampunk


Fresh on the heels of Justin Bieber’s bizarre attempt at a steampuk music video, and in the vein of such rockers as Primus and Rush, comes the news that T-Pain’s new tour and album will be, of course, …

New Justin Bieber Video Features Misplaced, Peculiar Steampunk and Christmas Elements


Okay, perhaps the headline is a bit catty.  I apologize.  That said, it has come to mine, and I’m fairly certain the rest of the world’s, attention that the new Justin Bieber music video is “steampunk.”  Granted this has become …

Wizard World this Weekend



Ye gods, two cons in a row that we’ve been invited to be a part of?  What is this madness?  Regardless of such questions, Wizard World has begun at the Donald E. Stephens Center in scenic Rosemont, Illinois and …

The Tesla Electric Rifle of Rev. Cpt. Flint


Reverend Captain Flint has seen many things in his travels around the world, and many things that should be dead. From the horrors of the undead catacombs of Paris, to the mysterious goliaths of deepest Africa, to the cold steely …

Steampunk Inception in 60 Seconds


Evidently there was a “Done in 60 Seconds” film contest and evidently one Mr. Wolfgang Matzl did this short, funny and arguably pretty damn steampunk variant of Christopher Nolan’s seminal movie “Inception.” Thanks to The Steampunk Tribune and …

Steampunk Christmas Party a Clockwork Dream


With a mechanical arm, typewriter key beard, and fanciful monocle on a real wooden hat, Steampunk Santa greeted guests and provided cheer to hundreds at the year’s end Clockwork Christmas! Fancy dressed patrons, steampunk angels, and fortune tellers from miles …

A Very Clockwork Christmas


We know, it’s been awhile, but we are OFFICIALLY back to Exit with another rendition of our original, popular and all together maddening CLOCKWORK VAUDEVILLE!

This month we feature the “Clockwork Christmas” which has been graciously booked by our …