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TeslaCon 3 : An Overview


So it is that once again TeslaCon has come and gone and it took me two and a half days of sleep to compensate.  Yet it was fun, a lot of fun, the kind of fun you only get when …

Teslacon II and the RLGEMS Swim into Madison this Weekend!


Teslacon II continues to explore  the fantastic world of Lord Bobbins versus Dr. Proctocus  this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. We, the RLGEMS and hundreds of other steampunks will be travelling 20,000 leagues under the aether in the fantastic submarine/airship the …

Unwoman’s “Uncovered Vol 1” Takes the Steampunk Sound in a Wholly New Direction


San Francisco cellist, singer-songer writer and performer, Unwoman, has proven to be a long standing staple of the steampunk music movement.  Having performed at a variety of festivals, events and conventions, and having found solidly consistent airtime on any …

TeslaCon – A Fantastic Immersive Event from Walls to Weapons!


So Tesla-Con I has come and gone and all in all, the people really enjoyed it!  From panels on character development, taxidermy, tiny top hats and (of course) airships to the delightful tea room (and its lovely view) to the …

TeslaCon: Vourteque and Flint Arrested!


Vourteque and Flint Arrested!

THE DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM, Minister of State for Aeronautical Affairs, died suddenly at the Ball last evening. His Grace, a recent proponent of surrendering the Explorer II to prevent further bloodshed, was engaged in a violent …

TeslaCon: American Millionaire Murdered!


American Millionaire Murdered!

AMERICAN INDUSTRIALIST Horace Arthur Mac Murray died this evening under very mysterious circumstances. While dealing a high-stakes game of poker with Lord Buckingham, Lord Baron Vorteque and noted engineer and systems designer Mortimer Wallace Friday Esq, Mac …

TeslaCon: Funeral For a Lady


Interview With The Captain

Did you ever consider giving in to Dr. Proctocus’ Demands?

Absolutely not. His agent’s first act would be to eliminate anyone capable of posing a threat or
resisting once we’ve been disembarked. The rest of the …

TeslaCon: Proctocus Attacks! Murder Aboard!


Proctocus Attacks!

All London is aflame after the savage attack today by the Explorer I under
the control of Dr. Emanuel Proctocus. Reports are sketchy but it seems that
the primary damage lies within the City itself. It is presumed …

Explorer II Readies Engines for TeslaCon This Weekend


The year is 1880. The wealthy, the well-connected, and the thrill-seeking passengers gather in preparation for the launch of the Explorer II, Royal Britannia’s newest and most advanced Airship. But security remains tight (in light of what happened to the …

Carnivale Delirium a HUGE success!


My gods!  When we were contacted by Matterz from the Squidling Brothers all the way back in July about doing an event in October we never thought it would turn into the giant celebration that it did.  Without a doubt, …