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Steampunk Masquerade Makes a Splash


Come to a Steampunk Masquerade on October 30, 2018! We’ll be joined by the Feathered Beaus, Kat Sass, The Cunning Gentlemen, Mr. M of the White City Rippers (DJ extraordinaire) and Madame Amanita Haegtessa who will be …

Happy Krampusnacht!


Happy Krampusnacht, on behalf of the White City Rippers!

Thank you Cafe Mustache and the Blue Ribbon Glee Club for hosting the 12/4/2017 celebration!…

The Hands of Orlac: Live Score!



My dream of scoring a film has come true! The White City Rippers will provide musical accompaniment to The Hands of Orlac at Comfort Station (2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.) on Wednesday July 13, 2016, 8:30-1030 pm. We have been scheduled …

August 19: White City Rippers, The Packrat Machine, Mudflapps

The White City Rippers, courtesy Glitter Guts

The White City Rippers, courtesy Glitter Guts

The White City Rippers return for their fist show since Krampunacht ’13.

They had not been apprehended by the police.

PackratThe Packrat Machine heads up from the Illinois Valley with Handmade Homemade Music.…

The White City Rippers Release Old-Timey Mad Scientist Music EP


Releasing music is not magical.  You don’t need some record label A&R rep discovering your band and signing you over to the label’s indentured servitude. It’s all business. If you want to record, you book time in a …

TeslaCon 3 : An Overview


So it is that once again TeslaCon has come and gone and it took me two and a half days of sleep to compensate.  Yet it was fun, a lot of fun, the kind of fun you only get when …

TeslaCon 3: A Trip to the Moon


The adventure and excitement continue next November in 2012 as Lord Bobbins and his crew take you to the edge of your imagination. We launch from South Hampton and go all the way to the lunar surface.

Cross trackless voids …

Free Steampunk Showcase at Cobra Lounge March 26













The show has been cancelled. The Pretzelmen have encountered difficulties.












White City Rippers & Vourteque Part of Dave Barratt’s “Beatles Complete on Ukulele” Project


A bit ago an old friend of mine, David Barratt, contacted me and asked me if I’d like to be a part of his “Beatles Complete on Ukulele” project.  I, of course, told him yes and immediately …

Chicago and Detroit Steampunk your eyes and ears with Carnivale Delirium & Theatre Bizarre!


The Clockwork Vaudeville’s Carnivale Delirium II – This Friday!

A year ago this Friday, we here at Steampunk Chicago, decided to take a chance and produce the biggest show we’ve put together to date.  We brought in talent such as …