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A Steampunk event filled weekend!


cnr3 group

Steampunk events and gatherings are not just limited to large metropolitan areas. Some truly amazing, intimate, and fun filled events can be seen on farmsteads and forests just as much as in their urban counterparts! This past weekend, several Chicago …

TeslaCon 3: A Trip to the Moon


The adventure and excitement continue next November in 2012 as Lord Bobbins and his crew take you to the edge of your imagination. We launch from South Hampton and go all the way to the lunar surface.

Cross trackless voids …

A Psyche-Dells-ic Trip


As summer slowly approaches one’s mind may wander to what a steampunker, or just general human being, might go about doing? ┬áIf that is the case with you, and you happen to be local to Northern Illinois or Chicagoland, then …

Time Traveler’s Day at Bristol Renaissance Fair – Aug 15


Steampunks Unite!

Come up to Bristol Renaissance Faire and wear your best Steampunk attire to explore Elizabethan England! Gates open at 10 am, and closes at 7 pm.

It will be a great day to get out and salute Her …