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Feb 2010 Anachronistic Music Report – Vourteque & Auto-Technical at Delilah’s


In case you did not know, Mr. Auto-Technical and I, the Lord Baron are resident DJs at the esteemed Chicago whiskey & “rock & roll” bar – Delilah’s.  And we have been for a while…

Under our stage monikers …

Chicago Steampunks – Your Night has Come


UPDATE: This event and restaurant is no more!

As it turns out the good Mr. Wesley has put together a new night in Chicago featuring Neo-Victorian style and art, cabaret/vaudeville music and more! What more you ask? Well 30% off …

Upcoming Chicagoland Steampunk(ish) Events!


Hello hello!

SO happy to have been a part of last night’s exquisite soiree! Pictures and report to come up soon so those of you who missed it/are not of a fortitude allowed at our events, can gawk and stare …

Where Doth the Good Steampunkers Meet?


Hello hello from the Lord Baron – it’s been a moment since I last graced the pages of The Compass, but in the light of the DIY trunk show (see below), I felt perhaps we can move forward on suggesting …

DIY Trunk Show 21-November


Part of the Steampunk lifestyle and aesthetic is a do-it-yourself attitude. Constructing devices, props, mods, sewing and electrocuting — we do it all by hand.

This Saturday, see the DIY Trunk Show 2009 in the west side, showcasing art, projects …

Windycon 36: Photographs


Windycon 36 was an amazing success, full of fashion finery, bully beer, gadgetry galore, beautiful boots and perfect panelists.

Some photographs from the event can be seen on The Facebook, as made by the Rev. Cpt. Samuel Flint

Windycon 2009

STEAM-CON – Report from a Midwest Steampunker


I had just worked 20 hours (literally) and had not eaten a single meal.  I was wearing my “traveling” jeans, a vest, my pocket watch and compass, my great jacket and holding a walking stick.  People were looking at me …

Steam-Con is Totally Steampunk!


So I’m here at Steam-Con as it winds down on this mellow Sunday. The full post – with pictures and music and jellies for the kids, will be coming soon. This is a teaser… and by teaser I mean a …

The Compass Points to M : A (slightly) New Direction


Though the Compass Points to M will certainly still be a venue for the sharing of ideas and discoveries. This Compass’s main focus will now be to chronicle the explorations, creations and mis-adventures of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemans’ Experimental …

Welcome! Welcome! One and all!


Welcome to The Compass Points to M. This is to be a “web-log” dedicated to the creations, ideas, writings, musings, compositions and what-ever else a person can get online that runs in the vein of a dark, DIY and preferably …