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STEAM-CON – Report from a Midwest Steampunker


I had just worked 20 hours (literally) and had not eaten a single meal.  I was wearing my “traveling” jeans, a vest, my pocket watch and compass, my great jacket and holding a walking stick.  People were looking at me …

Steam-Con is Totally Steampunk!


So I’m here at Steam-Con as it winds down on this mellow Sunday. The full post – with pictures and music and jellies for the kids, will be coming soon. This is a teaser… and by teaser I mean a …

The Steampunk Ghost Hunting Kit invades STEAM-CON


Ladies & Gentlemen behold the RL&GEMS presents…

“The Steampunk Ghost Hunting Kit”

All of these plates were created with photographs of the actual inventions and finds. Two of these inventions, the Aether Thermo-Aura-Meter and the Electro-Magnetic Frequency Detector, will be …