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Ways to Add Steampunk Styling to Your Bedroom



Today’s post is from guest writer Scott Grayson.

Steampunk is a great fashion style that’s sometimes described as “neo-historian.” However, there are different subgenres within steampunks, in general it might be viewed as an artistic and aesthetic movement that takes …

Local Maker Makes Good: Joe Budka’s Pagoda Studios


Captain Budka

Joe Budka is a sculptor, woodworker, stage manager, tinkerer and maker. He founded Pagoda Studios, Inc. ( to design and  fabricate, and to restore antiques. He is active behind the scenes at Steampunk Chicago (and on stage in …

Tribune Does Not Declare Steampunk Dead!



In the January 13 Chicago Tribune Magazine article “Punked,” Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz makes a tongue in cheek point about the mainstreaming of steampunk style. ModVic provides salvaged home-restoration. Sherwin-Williams has announced a line of steampunk-inspired colors. Justin Bieber’s Christmas video is …

History Revised!


History ain’t what it used to be! Steampunks mash up the past and present while looking to the future. Altered History and Alternate Histories are two websites that have fun scrambling the past.

Captain Kit Kaboom (aka Abbey Manalli of …

How Highwind Steamworks Works


Dawn and Jeff

Go to Steampunk Chicago events or local cons and you will undoubtedly see the merchandise table of Jeff Platt and Dawn Przybylski, Highwind Steamworks. They craft jewelry, leatherwork, goggles and other steampunk gear. You can also visit their Etsy

Pleasant Home : A Local Landmark to Behold


It goes without saying that steampunk has a unique relationship with history, both re-imagining it,  appreciating it and disseminating it.  Thusly, it should come as no surprise that those who play a part in keeping various aspects of history alive …

The Chicago Steampunk Apartment Gets Featured


As the steampunk aesthetic continues to grow beyond fashion, music, conventions and modded gadgets and computers. A passion for antiques, clocks, taxidermy and oddities can quickly grow to encompass ones surroundings as well.

True, the above photo is not a …

Galena, IL: Hidden Steampunk Gem of the Midwest


The Lord Baron & KL Outside of the Bernadine Stillman Inn where they stayed.

I first went to Galena many years ago, having heard stories about it’s exceptional beauty and European style.  Upon arrival I was not disappointed and since …

Taxidermy: An Introduction via the Modern Artisans


For months now, I have been promising the readers of Steampunk Chicago a post on taxidermy. Doing my own independent study on the subject, I found myself overwhelmed with history, techniques, artists, ethics and hundreds of amazing pieces of work.…

Music Video Shoots, Art Shows, and Conventions Abound for the Chicago Steampunker!


It’s that time again.  Temperatures floating around 90 degrees and then falling to a chilly 75 as apocalyptic thunderstorms roll through.  Every other day you have to come up with another way to get from point A to point B …