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The Green Fairytale


In the same way that cold water adds to absinthe’s characteristic cloudy louche, dubious information clouds the perception of the green liquor. Its century-long ban resulted from misrepresentation and industry sway.

The story goes the Dr. Pierre Ordinaire prepared …

Electric Moulin Mansion Steampunk Ball


Electric Moulin Mansion Social Media Icon

Visit the age of innovation at the Electric Moulin Mansion steampunk ball on May 27, 2016! It promises to be an evening of music, art and immersive entertainment.


The event will be held in Logan Square’s Stan Mansion at …



gb steampunk tea time v6 october

What’s with the pumpkin spice hate this season? The aetherweb seems to be abuzz with complaints about pumpkin lattes.

Regardless, they don’t have ’em at Geek Bar Beta. However, they make a batch of tea-infused specialty cocktails at the …




Oh. September, you muddled month! You awkwardly transition summer into autumn with your indecision about hot and cold.

Escape the weather with a gathering of steampunks at Geek Bar Beta on September 26, 2016, from 3-6pm. Specially blended tea-based cocktails …

Tea and Geek Love


gb steampunk tea time v3 03 august

Things were looking a little hairy for the monthly Steampunk Tea Party at Geek Bar Beta. Purse strings were tightening. Financial difficulties loomed. However, community and private support have provided tenability for the bar and future tea parties.

Fleet Admiral …

First Steampunk Tea of the Summer


What could be better than tea on the lawn in the sunshine?

How about spiked tea in air conditioning!

Steampunk Chicago and Geek Bar present the  first Steampunk Tea Party of the summer on Saturday June 27, 2015, from 3-6pm. …

May Steampunk Luncheon and Apocalypse


gb steampunk tea time v2 02 may

Enjoy lunch and a trip down Fury Road. The tea at the Geek Bar will start earlier than previous months, running from noon to 3 on May 16, 2015. Some may call it lunch. Later risers may call it brunch. …

April Steampunk Tea Party


gb steampunk tea time v2 01 april

According to the Dictionary of Proverbs by way of Wikipedia, March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. The flowers have not bloomed yet, so escape the wind and rain with a nice cuppa at the Geek Bar’s …

More Tea, Dears?


Tea Time Jan 2014

The Steampunk Tea Time at Geek Bar Beta in December was a success. The next one will be on January 17, 2015, at 3pm, and it will be an ongoing monthly event!

After the steampunks dissipated from December’s tea, staff …

A Steampunk Tea at Geek Bar


gb steampunk tea time v1 02

‘Tis the season to enjoy tea with friends! …Or so the saying goes. Luckily, there is a great option for we geeky steampunks this December.


The event was a roaring success, with steampunks joining us from the city and …