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Splendid Teapot Racing



Several weeks ago, I was invited to join or like a Facebook page for Splendid Teapot Racing. It’s a steampunk group for mounting teapots on remote control car chasses and running the contraption through an obstacle course. It looks to …

The Gramovox


Bluetooth Gramophone -

The Chicago-based Gramovox combines vintage amplification with contemporary audio technology. The Bluetooth 4.0 gramophone pumps music through an audio driver though a powder-coated steel horn.

Pavan Bapu and Jeff Parrish were inspired by a Magnavox R3 horn that they found …

Daria Melnikova, Independent Videographer



An interview with Daria Melnikova, Steampunk Chicago’s hard working resident videographer.

1. When did you begin to work in video production?

I wanted to be a movie director since I was 12 years old. Even in childhood I realized that …

Steampunks well aware of IBM predicted trend



So the eggheads at International Business Machines have spun the cogs of their infernal contabulation machine, and declared that steampunk is an up and coming trend, and will reach new heights this year.

Well, yes. Of course.

Analysts have gone …

Musee Mechanique in San Francisco


So I just got back from San Francisco where I Djed for the lovely Unwoman’s record release party and I have to say I’m quite impressed with how beautiful the city of San Francisco is.

Though it wasn’t all DJing …

Mechanical Music


Earbuds, iPods and mp3s. If you’re going to remove humans from music, why keep it small and isolated? Be grand and witness the marvel of a self-playing musical machine. Behold: the orchestrion!

Think of a music box, but on the …

A Pirates View of WSX


Hello mates! Do you know why you are such an impressive component of the great Steampunk machine? It is because you are a singular cog in the whole contraption and without it you remain an impressive wad of leather and …

Big Shoulders and a Hiwheel


My terribly clever wife Liz circumvented my impending mid-life crisis when she bought me a penny-farthing bike for my 40th birthday. She knew that it would be an affordable substitute for a Ferrari or Porsche.  As the Chicago seasons …

How Highwind Steamworks Works


Dawn and Jeff

Go to Steampunk Chicago events or local cons and you will undoubtedly see the merchandise table of Jeff Platt and Dawn Przybylski, Highwind Steamworks. They craft jewelry, leatherwork, goggles and other steampunk gear. You can also visit their Etsy

Not a Review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants”


In lieu of the review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants” that I was asked to write, it seemed worthwhile to discuss the bonds that exist within the steampunk community.

Back at June’s Polyphonic Panorama at Chicago’s Abbey Pub, …