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New Harmony in Indiana


Robert Owen developed a co-operative culture among the workers in his textile mill in New Lanark, Scotland, and attempted to implement his vision in New Harmony, Indiana. His ideals did not create a new society, but their impact is still …

Steampunk Graveyard Stroll


eternal silence

The Smiths sang, “A dreaded sunny day, so let’s go where we’re wanted and I meet you at the cemetery gates.” Steampunks, let’s meet at Graceland Cemetery and go strolling. We will meet up on Sunday August 21, 2016, at …

League of STEAM kicks off their third season with a new Kickstarter!



I first met the members of The League of STEAM at Steam-Con Two about what feels like ten or fifteen hundred years ago (though I think it was actually only three).  They immediately grabbed me, literally grabbed me, and introduced …

This Weekend is Steam-Con II: Also first Party of Champaign’s Airship O’Reilly!


Is it that time again already?  I feel as though I left Steam-Con I just yesterday, with its large music shows and tea-time and crazy people thinking they are vampires at 3am on a Saturday.  But truly, that’s without regard …

Countdown to World Steam Expo 2010


As many of you may or may not already know the much heralded World Steam Expo is set to launch a week from today and we here at Steampunk Chicago and esteemed members of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentle-mens’ Experimental …

Upcoming Midwestern Steampunkery!


My, My, look at All the Steampunkery!

Yes!  It does look as though things are taking off in the Midwest!  Why with the soon to be coming SECOND edition of Clockwork Vaudeville, a Steampunk book spread at Quimby’s, and the …

Need the Proper Wiring for your Device?


When in an inventive mood of tinkering and, well, inventing, the good Rev. Cpt. and I have found that one of the great conundrums of creating a proper invention is the details, and sometimes said details can seem to be …

Bleak House


Our family lived down the street from this place until I was 5 years old. I finally got to go on a field trip here in 5th grade and it spooked the hell out of me. It has been burned …

The Steampunk Ghost Hunting Kit invades STEAM-CON


Ladies & Gentlemen behold the RL&GEMS presents…

“The Steampunk Ghost Hunting Kit”

All of these plates were created with photographs of the actual inventions and finds. Two of these inventions, the Aether Thermo-Aura-Meter and the Electro-Magnetic Frequency Detector, will be …

The Compass Points to M : A (slightly) New Direction


Though the Compass Points to M will certainly still be a venue for the sharing of ideas and discoveries. This Compass’s main focus will now be to chronicle the explorations, creations and mis-adventures of the Royal Ladies’ & Gentlemans’ Experimental …