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My Field Trip to Borri Audio Laboratories


Princeton, IL, is a two hour drive from Chicago. Down the street from the antique shops, upstairs from the dance studio and down the cramped hallway, you can find Borri Audio Laboratories. It’s the home of Shawn Borri, who …

A Mansion Off the Magnificent Mile











Chicago banker Samuel Nickerson Mayo commissioned his mansion in 1879. Chicago philanthropist Richard H. Dreihaus founded his museum there in 2003 to preserve architecture and design of the Gilded Age.

The …

Don’t Blame Mrs. O’Leary!














The Great Chicago Fire burned Sunday, October 8, 1871, through Tuesday, October 10. 3.3 square miles burned and estimated 250-300 people died. We can stop blaming Mrs. O’Leary

Musee Mechanique in San Francisco


So I just got back from San Francisco where I Djed for the lovely Unwoman’s record release party and I have to say I’m quite impressed with how beautiful the city of San Francisco is.

Though it wasn’t all DJing …

Sycamore Steam Show August 9 – 12


The Northern Illinois Steam Power Club presents the 56th Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee. August 9 through 12, 2012, sees an exhibition of steam-powered equipment in action.

The club formed in 1957. Chuck Raymond and LeRoy Levine …

History Revised!


History ain’t what it used to be! Steampunks mash up the past and present while looking to the future. Altered History and Alternate Histories are two websites that have fun scrambling the past.

Captain Kit Kaboom (aka Abbey Manalli of …

A Psyche-Dells-ic Trip


As summer slowly approaches one’s mind may wander to what a steampunker, or just general human being, might go about doing?  If that is the case with you, and you happen to be local to Northern Illinois or Chicagoland, then …

Chicago’s BOHO Theatre running “Tartuffe” a la Steampunk Style


Thanks to our friends at Terra Mysterium for this heads up.  Local Chicago theatre troop The Bohemian Theatre Ensemble is doing a “steampunk” rendition of the French classic Tartuffe running at The Wit theater in Lakeview through Feb 12th.

To …

Jelly Boy of The Squidling Brothers Caught in Queens Fire


On Saturday, July 2nd Jellyboy The Clown of The Squidling Brothers was caught in a non-performance related fire in his friend’s Queens apartment.  He’s presently in critical, but stable condition and can use any and all of our wishes and …

The Circus as a Steampunk Trope


Regardless of what anyone says, I stand by the notion that steampunk is an impossible idea to ultimately define (at least as I write this it still seems to be). That does not, however, mean it is impossible to …