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Murder! Mayhem! Tour Guides!


Chances are that we will see a renewed interest in Chicago history with the 2013 cinematic release of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City with Leonardo DiCaprio as the murderous H.H. Holmes. After all, it should combine the …

Teslacon II and the RLGEMS Swim into Madison this Weekend!


Teslacon II continues to explore  the fantastic world of Lord Bobbins versus Dr. Proctocus  this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. We, the RLGEMS and hundreds of other steampunks will be travelling 20,000 leagues under the aether in the fantastic submarine/airship the …

Pleasant Home : A Local Landmark to Behold


It goes without saying that steampunk has a unique relationship with history, both re-imagining it,  appreciating it and disseminating it.  Thusly, it should come as no surprise that those who play a part in keeping various aspects of history alive …

“Sucker Punch”: More Than Just Bullets and Genre Bending


So it was that yesterday, (Sunday if you happen to be reading this on say, not a Monday), myself, the charming KL Kenzie, the good Rev. Cpt. Sam Flint and the lovely Lady Lisa all went to view what we …

Steampunk Inception in 60 Seconds


Evidently there was a “Done in 60 Seconds” film contest and evidently one Mr. Wolfgang Matzl did this short, funny and arguably pretty damn steampunk variant of Christopher Nolan’s seminal movie “Inception.” Thanks to The Steampunk Tribune and …

Universal’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The First Submarine Photoplay


In my endless search for out of print films or “lost” films now available via the internet, I often scour and other sites for things I may have overlooked. Recently, I came across two Fritz Lang films from 1919 …

Lovett’s new “Eye of The Storm” music video


Thanks to the Musebox for this update – musician Ben Lovett’s new music video for his single “Eye of the Storm” went live yesterday on AOL’s Spinner portal and I must say, the video is gorgeous indeed.  I caught a …

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus: A Feast For The Eyes That Demands Repeated Viewings


It has taken me a while to write an article on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus for a very simple reason.  It is so complex and is so visually overwhelming that it takes a good week or two to really …

First RL&GEMS Soiree of 2010 a SMASHING success!


Steamp;unk Girls Chicago

Well! I must say, I did feel the last soiree was the impressive one but this must have topped them all! No place is quite as lovely to hold a gathering of the minds as Primitive.

We had a …

The Stolen Airship by Karel Zeman


Airships, Zeppelins, dirigibles and lighter-than-air steam powered travel are common motifs in both steampunk ideology as well as fiction. The days of the airship have not fully vanished, and continue to occupy a fancy in the collective steampunk consciousness. It’s …