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Clockwork Vaudeville V Features Local Acts & Artisans


This Saturday promises to be another exciting addition to our Clockwork Vaudeville line of events!  With another appearance of our original guest DJ, Adam Killing, and our resident magician, Michael Burke, as well as our resident DJs Joe

Milwaukee Throws Spectacular Victorian Ball Tomorrow Night


Milwaukee's Victorian Ball

Tomorrow night in an Old linen factory/fallout shelter, Steampunks from all over the Midwest (including a contingent from Steampunk Chicago) will be attending The Steampunk Victorian Ball, hosted by The Dead Man’s Carnival. Can you imagine a better place for …

Incredible Steampunked Musical Device Debuting Tonight at Gypsy Nomads Concert!


Want to hear and see something extraordinary and decadent tonight, Friday, August 6th for the low price of only $5?  Then bring yourselves, dressed to the nines (or tens!), to Darkroom in Chicago at 2210 West Chicago Avenue and experience …

Rasputina Concert Features Eclectic Opening Talent and Steampunk Aesthetics


Last night (July 22nd) the lovely KL Kenzie and I made our way to The Abbey Pub for the (at least according to Rasputina herself) the “6 or 7 thousandth and something something” recital of the red haired performer’s band.  …

An Interview with the Talent from Clockwork Vaudeville IV


It is that time again!  After an extended hiatus full of conventions, BBQs, movie production, sailing and – of course – actual work – we’re back with our biggest Clockwork Vaudeville YET!  This coming Saturday July 17th we feature live …

The Loneliest Monk Proves Sensuality is Still Alive in Popular Music


by Prof. Joseph Fortesque Mason

It happened when I saw Garo Yellin play with Pere Ubu in the mid-nineties and it happened again with Michelle Morales at Friday, July 2nd’s,  The Loneliest Monk‘s album release show.  There is just …

Music Video Shoots, Art Shows, and Conventions Abound for the Chicago Steampunker!


It’s that time again.  Temperatures floating around 90 degrees and then falling to a chilly 75 as apocalyptic thunderstorms roll through.  Every other day you have to come up with another way to get from point A to point B …

Gypsy, Old-Timey and Eclectic Music finds in Chicago


Two upcoming events that may spark an interest with your inner “Gypsy Punk”:

I. The other evening while venturing out, my partner and I came upon Charleston Bar at 2076 North Hoyne Avenue. The 23 year old bar with its …

Curtis Eller, Sepia-Tone Americana. Cristina Beller brings some Steampunk to Horrorbles


By Prof. Joseph F. Mason

The Uncommon Curtis Eller

I had the pleasure of attending the Curtis Eller show at Uncommon Ground last Thursday.  The first thing to strike me was that this energetic man reminded me of somebody, initially …

Yoshi Akai’s instruments evoke a Steampunk feel, Also – Clockwork Vaudeville MAY!


The Wonderful World of Yoshi AKAI

If you are ever to find yourself in Sweden, Norway or The Netherlands I highly suggest seeing if Yoshi AKAI is planning a live performance.  The Japanese native has certainly developed some of the …