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Clockwork Vaudeville: Chicago Defines Midwestern Steampunk Dance Party


It was the Saturday before St. Patrick’s day – it was raining outside – it was cold – there were a whole lot of things going on – what was a Steampunker to do?

Go to Clockwork Vaudeville of course!  …

March 2010 Anachronistic Music Report


As resident musical disc-jockey of the RL&GEMS, my playlists for any given night take on a salt-and-peppering of steamy music, experimental alt-country, and a dash of a hypothetical soundtrack to the weird weird west.

For now, enjoy the play-list from …

Clockwork Vaudeville! Mind controlled music, fantastic gadgets and Neo-Victorian fashion!


Clockwork Vaudeville

Chicago’s First Steampunk Dance Party

Saturday March 13th
Exit Nightclub 1315 W. North Ave.
9pm – 5am

THE VARIABLE DR. N presenting the premiere of his new mind controlled, reality bending live show…



New Raveonette’s “Heart of Stone” Music Video Shows Strong Steampunk Influence


This one will be short and sweet.  My good friend Helena came whirling up to me the other day at Front 312’s “Ceremony” show at Liar’s Club and immediately said.

“Oh My God!  Did you see the Raveonette’s video I …

Upcoming Chicagoland Steamy Events


chicago steampunk globe

Chicago is becoming a very good destination and playground for Midwestern Steampunks. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that this weekend there is a Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, and we’re having our monthly get-together at a French Restaurant …

Feb 2010 Anachronistic Music Report – Vourteque & Auto-Technical at Delilah’s


In case you did not know, Mr. Auto-Technical and I, the Lord Baron are resident DJs at the esteemed Chicago whiskey & “rock & roll” bar – Delilah’s.  And we have been for a while…

Under our stage monikers …

Eliza Rickman: Girl & Toy Piano


My lovely partner in crime, the Lady KL Kenzie had a novel idea last Tuesday, we were to go see a “live band” play “music” before a “crowd”. Now regardless of how arcane the idea sounded, I am a novel …

New Abney Park album “Aether Shanties”


Aether Shanties

If you are unfamiliar to the band Abney Park, you are either new to the Steampunk sub-culture or have somehow ducked any and all reference to them ubiquitously scattered throughout the aether.
Regardless, I am sure the rest will be …

Steamy Music Compilation from Vernian Process.


If you want to get into some steampunk music, you must stretch your imagination.

True, there are some bands with an entire Steampunk Aesthetic and music set, but there is also music, songs and soundtracks that inspire, or create ideas …

The Clockwork Cabaret Proves That I’ve Listened to Steampunk Music All Along


This is something I should have posted quite a bit ago.

When I am doing aether-devise modifications, or concocting culinary inventions or just want some degree of background noise that is a good 30/70 split between some-what witty banter and …