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The New Tuesday Weld Adopts Steampunk Aesthetic, But Promises a Wide Musical Range


I opened the London Book of the Dead from the New Tuesday Weld and expected to find maybe some orchestral music, or perhaps some dark cabaret music. What I found was more of a whimsical tribute to jazz and cabaret …

Hellblinki – Pirates Meet Steampunk With New Concept Album


Thanks to Mr. Auto-Technical (whom SHOULD be writing this post instead of I!)

Definitely check out the Neo-Vaudville-Americana-Pirate-Industrial-MusiqueConcrete group Hellblinki. I downloaded their album “Oratory” and I’m loving it, attached are two songs I’m particularly fond of, the first …

The Phonovault – The place for your post-apocalypse music collection


Thank you to Sepiachord on the Brass Goggles forum, the PhonoVault is now open.

The website specializes in music of the dark and strange including such things as “Death Country”, “Dark Cabaret”, “Gothic Americana” and, of course, Psychobilly (and Steampunk …

Camouflage-The Great Commandment


Who doesn’t like Weimar Period German Cinema, Communist undertones, androgynous 80’s all-male synthpop acts, and countless references to blade runner and Fritz Lang? I’m not sure, but I am 100 percent sure they are not people worth knowing. So it …

Jules Verne Style Analog Synthesizer


Can’t type too long here and, unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to really read up on it but what follows is a “Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer”. Henceforth known as “wow, that’s a really kickass thing you built there buddy.”…

The Baron’s Own Conception of the History of Steampunk


PS – this is the geekiest thing I’ve ever written, and I love it.
PPS – If you don’t want to read this you can just skip to the end for the tracks ;)

So I’ve always liked the idea …

On Neo-Classical Music.


It’s by no means a new genre of music, but I was stumbling about on Live365 the other evening looking for something to listen to that would nicely compliment my readings and came across the “In Dark Faith Eternal” radio.…

Abney Park, The Clockwork Dolls, and the Current Sound of Steampunk Music


So thus I woke up, made myself some earl gray tea and thought “I’d like to subject the world to my new favorite music.”

For those not familiar with “Steampunk“, the first thing you should know is that …