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Kickstart My Art


BirdEatsBabyBackerSince way back when, patrons have funded the arts. The Medicis were the financial backbone of the Renaissance. Nowadays, crowdfunding campaigns have made the process more democratic and allow the support to go directly to the artist. Here are a …

Ghostfire Sails the “Skeleton Coast”


Skeleton Coast Cover resized for ZimbalamThey’ve swung from the gallows and danced “The Last Steampunk Waltz.” Now Ghostfire embarks on a nautical journey to the Skeleton Coast.

There are new additions to the London-based crew. The performing line-up of full-time members Andii on guitars/banjo …

New Model Army “Between Dog and Wolf”


NMA CoverOliver Cromwell’s New Model Army (established in 1645 during the English Civil War) “was raised partly from among veteran soldiers who already had deeply held Puritan religious convictions, and partly from conscripts who brought with them many commonly held beliefs …

Carnivale Delirium IV and So Much More!


Carnivale Delirium IV promo poster 02-web

This Friday we entreat you to return to our spectacular fall event – Carnivale Delirium!  Our giant yearly show is upon us again, and don’t miss out!

This year we welcome back Eric Stern, front man of Vagabond

Steampunk Shines in Russian Band’s Sea of Despair’s Latest Video



Steampunk music videos don’t need to be filled with airships, derring-do, mad science and Tesla coils. Sometimes, the steampunk aesthetic sets not only a mood but a story as well. In Russia, the band Sea of Despair has a music …

The Sons of Temperance


Sons of Temperance 2The Sons of Temperance describe themselves as “The 19th Century sound of ringing banjos, clacking bones, rhythmic bass and the jolly tambourine playing somber murder ballads, jaunty minstrel tunes, Celtic drinking songs, and tunes superimposed into that time with reckless …

All Aboard for Steamstock!


steamstock poster 03-promo-web

The Steamstock train pulls into the station on July 23, bringing a shipment of Frenchy and the Punk, The Cog Is Dead, and This Way to the Egress.

The bands hopped the rails on the east coast to embark upon …

More Mechanical Music



Last year, I wrote about mechanical music. Joe Vourteque followed up with pictures from the Musee Mecanique in San Francisco.

My plunge has delved deeper. When I went to the Grayslake Antique Fair in August 2012, there were representatives …

Come to a Neo-Victorian outing for the whole family!


wcl 2013 web promo

This Sunday marks the start of our summer-long steampunk tea and music series, Watch Chains and Lace! Come to Pleasant Home in Oak Park this Sunday at 5pm for an evening of music, tea, cookies, lawn games, and socializing with …

Tres Bien!



Saturday April 20th saw Gearbox Fantastique 3, the Steampunk Chicago Spring extravaganza. Hosted at Reggie’s Music Joint at 2109 S. State Street (that great street), it was just a hop, skip and a jump away from Chicago’s famed Chinatown