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PBS Covers Steampunk + Up-Coming Events!


In this fine day and age it’s hard to know if PBS coverage of steampunk en generale means it’s moving toward the mainstream mainstream or just the mainstream for those who fancy themselves high-brow.  Such mental carousing aside, PBS has …

Pleasant Home : A Local Landmark to Behold


It goes without saying that steampunk has a unique relationship with history, both re-imagining it,  appreciating it and disseminating it.  Thusly, it should come as no surprise that those who play a part in keeping various aspects of history alive …

New Frenchy & The Punk Music Video + Introducing The Lords & Ladies DJs


Ah music!  That’s kind of a lot of what we do here at Steampunk Chicago.  It probably helps that 4 of the 5 main contributors are musicians, DJs and/or producers in their own right.  That aside, do check out the …

A Variety of Vaudeville, Sideshow & Klezmer Acts to Play the Midwest This Week


Though Steampunk Music has yet to be defined (and thank the heavens for that!)  There is definitely a style and aesthetic that draws the general steampunk to any variety of events.  Circus sideshows, vaudeville acts, burlesque and magicians are all …

The Chicago Steampunk Apartment Gets Featured


As the steampunk aesthetic continues to grow beyond fashion, music, conventions and modded gadgets and computers. A passion for antiques, clocks, taxidermy and oddities can quickly grow to encompass ones surroundings as well.

True, the above photo is not a …

Steampunk Inception in 60 Seconds


Evidently there was a “Done in 60 Seconds” film contest and evidently one Mr. Wolfgang Matzl did this short, funny and arguably pretty damn steampunk variant of Christopher Nolan’s seminal movie “Inception.” Thanks to The Steampunk Tribune and …

The Circus as a Steampunk Trope


Regardless of what anyone says, I stand by the notion that steampunk is an impossible idea to ultimately define (at least as I write this it still seems to be). That does not, however, mean it is impossible to …

Lovett’s new “Eye of The Storm” music video


Thanks to the Musebox for this update – musician Ben Lovett’s new music video for his single “Eye of the Storm” went live yesterday on AOL’s Spinner portal and I must say, the video is gorgeous indeed.  I caught a …

The Fusion-O-Scope Version 2 to Premiere at Ohayocon


Back in August we introduced you to our first version of Professor Evad & The Lord Baron Vourteque’s Amazing Aural Amplification and Fusion-O-Scope Machine just in time to premiere it for our Gypsy Nomad’s show.

As with all inventions, …

The Year 2011, according to Edison in 1911


Ah, The Future. We live there now. But how close are we to the vision of a hundred years ago? Thomas Edison waxes fantastic about the future, 100 years from the (non-reimagined, non-steampunk) 1911.

It’s not as far fetched …