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Galena, IL: Hidden Steampunk Gem of the Midwest


The Lord Baron & KL Outside of the Bernadine Stillman Inn where they stayed.

I first went to Galena many years ago, having heard stories about it’s exceptional beauty and European style.  Upon arrival I was not disappointed and since …

This Weekend is Steam-Con II: Also first Party of Champaign’s Airship O’Reilly!


Is it that time again already?  I feel as though I left Steam-Con I just yesterday, with its large music shows and tea-time and crazy people thinking they are vampires at 3am on a Saturday.  But truly, that’s without regard …

“Aurorama” Reading at Quimby’s a Success, Poetry Brothel this Friday


Valtat’s Read of new Steampunk Novel Aurorama at Quimby’s

Last Wednesday, September 22nd I attended a reading by French author Jean-Christophe Valtat read of his newest work, Aurorama, at Quimby’s Bookstore in Wicker Park.  Aurorama is the first novel in …

Third Bioshock Installment Fully Embraces the Steampunk Aesthetic


I just got wind of this moments ago, so unfortunately I have little information – but what I do see is that the third Bioshock game, Bioshock Infinite, will take the immensely popular, beautifully produced and wonderfully written franchise …

Gypsy, Old-Timey and Eclectic Music finds in Chicago


Two upcoming events that may spark an interest with your inner “Gypsy Punk”:

I. The other evening while venturing out, my partner and I came upon Charleston Bar at 2076 North Hoyne Avenue. The 23 year old bar with its …

Curtis Eller, Sepia-Tone Americana. Cristina Beller brings some Steampunk to Horrorbles


By Prof. Joseph F. Mason

The Uncommon Curtis Eller

I had the pleasure of attending the Curtis Eller show at Uncommon Ground last Thursday.  The first thing to strike me was that this energetic man reminded me of somebody, initially …

The Human Marvels : Presenting Peculiar People


In light of last night’s deliriously delightful CLOCKWORK VAUDEVILLE and our belly dancers and magicians and strange bands named after the netherworld, it seems only fitting to enlighten the world to the existence of the The Human Marvels – an …

Yoshi Akai’s instruments evoke a Steampunk feel, Also – Clockwork Vaudeville MAY!


The Wonderful World of Yoshi AKAI

If you are ever to find yourself in Sweden, Norway or The Netherlands I highly suggest seeing if Yoshi AKAI is planning a live performance.  The Japanese native has certainly developed some of the …

Reenactment of “Battle of Halsted Viaduct” Fun & Outlandish!


Photographs by Elizabeth Mason.

It was a late July 1877 morning in the burgeoning city of Chicago in the Fascist State of Illinois when blue-collar workers from Bridgeport and Pilsen left their streetcars, ships, trains, and factories to clash with …

Steampunk Infects Disney – Mundane World Could Be Next


No my good people, that is not an image Photoshopped by a lonely fan of both Disney and Steampunk – that is an image from the’s blog – the post is entitled “The Mechanical Kingdom” and at risk of …