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Upcoming Chicagoland Steamy Events


chicago steampunk globe

Chicago is becoming a very good destination and playground for Midwestern Steampunks. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that this weekend there is a Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, and we’re having our monthly get-together at a French Restaurant …

The Tie Bar Takes Care of All Your Ascot Needs

The Tie Bar is a well-kept gentleman's secret. They carry a wide range of ascots and cravats at affordable prices.

Love and Romance for the Proper Neo-Victorian.


victorian personal

Dating, love, lust, sex and personal relationships for the Neo-Victorian must be handled delicately. Aged, proper old-timey sex cries, woos, euphemisms and proper colorful words should be sprinkled liberally in your daily (and nightly) vocabulary.

A proper starting point is …

Vintage Clothing, Militaria, Devices and Gadgets for the Historical Steampunk


WWII Goggles

Steampunk fashion and culture can be DIY, modded, recreated, adapted, changed or created from the ground up. As a fashion and device aesthetic, it can come from or be any time period. Military clothing, badges, devices and gadgets are perfect …