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The Green Fairytale


In the same way that cold water adds to absinthe’s characteristic cloudy louche, dubious information clouds the perception of the green liquor. Its century-long ban resulted from misrepresentation and industry sway.

The story goes the Dr. Pierre Ordinaire prepared …

2017 Steampunk Invasion of the Bristol Renaissance Faire


The Victorian Era and Renaissance collide at the Bristol Steampunk Invasion weekend. Anachronauts should synchronize their calendars for August 5 & 6, 2017, 10am – 7pm.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire sports 30 acres of pure fun, 20 stages of variety …

The Rogue Aviator


Otherworld Theatre debuts their dieselpunk adventure The Rogue Aviator. Aviatrix Ellie McCloud battles Sky Pirates and fights for the freedom of the oppressed citizens of the floating city of Olympus.

The play runs May 20 through June 10, 2017. …

Carnivale Delirium VII: The Midnight Cabaret 2017


The legendary neo-vintage circus sideshow extravaganza returns! Come join us for a variety show like no other! Live music, vaudeville, burlesque, circus acts, DJs and more!

Hosted by: Vita Devoid (Tampa, FL)
And Chicago’s premier Electroswing dance party, ROUGE!


LEGO Adult Cosplay Night Giveaway!


All adult fans of LEGO® are invited for a night filled with friendly competition, cosplay themed activities, LEGO® Batman™ meet & greets and more!

LEGO® has provided Steampunk Chicago with ten complimentary tickets to the Adult Fans of LEGO®  Cosplay …

Build a Washtub Bass


It’s not difficult to build a washtub bass. I was able to pick up all the parts in one trip to the hardware store.

Here are the materials:

1 galvanized steel utility tub

2 eyebolts

3 nuts

2 flat washers, …

Mysticism, Mystery and Magick at Geneva Steam Convention


Occultist Aleister Crowley neatly summarized the Victorian mystical attitude as “the Aim of Religion “ and “the Method of Science.” Genenva Steam Convention explores these through its 2017 theme: Mysticism, Mystery and Magick.

The Con is a mid-winter carnival aimed …

Automatons Burlesque



The Vertical Side Show presents Automatons, a steampunk burlesque set in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The January 27 and 28 shows will provide scintillating entertainment and a costume contest.

It’s 1893, and the World’s Columbian Exposition is in …

Victorian Vs.



As the temporally displaced masses cry, “Burn the calendars! Anachrony now!” they need to know a few things about history before they can alter history. Where has an impact on when, so it’s time for a review of Victorian vs. …

Eli August: Is This Darkness



Sometimes production and arrangements go hand in hand. Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings’ Is This Darkness knows which instruments to use for a song and how to record them for the right effect. In this case, there’s just the …