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A Dark Victorian Romance


Dark VictorianThe Circle City Aerodrome ( nonprofit society for steampunk arts and culture presents A Dark Victorian Romance. Their second annual immersion weekend will host events free and open to the public as well as a la carte events …

Go West!


new-boots-pgYou would expect to see more airships sailing over the prairie, bound for the badlands or the Pecos River. There should be a speck of a dirigible hovering in the wide-open skies of the big country. Considering that Chicago is …

Legenderry: A Steampunk Advenure



Dynamite Comics debuts its seven issue miniseries Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure. It rounds up its roster of classic pulp, comics, and even TV heroes in an anachronistic pop culture mash up.

The series teams up comic heroes Red Sonja

The Columbian Exposition Exhibition Gift Shop


TicketLike any good tourist trap, the Field Museum’s exhibit “Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair” culminates in the gift shop. It is an apt finale. A subtext of commerce runs through the show.

The theme is not …

Ghostfire Sails the “Skeleton Coast”


Skeleton Coast Cover resized for ZimbalamThey’ve swung from the gallows and danced “The Last Steampunk Waltz.” Now Ghostfire embarks on a nautical journey to the Skeleton Coast.

There are new additions to the London-based crew. The performing line-up of full-time members Andii on guitars/banjo …

TeslaCon 4: The Congress of Steam


TeslaconLord Bobbins, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, presents the fourth annual TeslaCon. This year it runs October 31 through November 3. The suspicious Baton Faction may be lurking, attempting to thwart Bobbin’s aims of steampunk unification.

Fancy dress will …

Rocky Horror Steampunk Show


Rocky HorrorRunning for its third consecutive year, 2013’s production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live” brings some gears and grunge to the plate with a Steampunk theme. Join us at the majestic Chopin Theatre at 9pm (or 6pm on Sunday) …

Carnivale Delirium IV and So Much More!


Carnivale Delirium IV promo poster 02-web

This Friday we entreat you to return to our spectacular fall event – Carnivale Delirium!  Our giant yearly show is upon us again, and don’t miss out!

This year we welcome back Eric Stern, front man of Vagabond

A Hot Steaming Mug (More Like a Demitasse) of Steampunk


CoffeePunkSteampunks tout tea, but I’ve got to have my two cups of java first thing in the morning. How can I reconcile my loves of steampunk and coffee?

The quick and inauthentic way is to grab a mug from a …

League of STEAM kicks off their third season with a new Kickstarter!



I first met the members of The League of STEAM at Steam-Con Two about what feels like ten or fifteen hundred years ago (though I think it was actually only three).  They immediately grabbed me, literally grabbed me, and introduced …