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Terra Mysterium Presents “The Lion & The Serpent”


Lion and SerpentAlthough Chicago’s theatre collective Terra Mysterium debuts its new play The Lion & The Serpent, part of the experience premiered on July 15 when Ranty Wilberforce began blogging.

At, Wilberforce began posting music, poetry and videos. He found …

Steampunk Shines in Russian Band’s Sea of Despair’s Latest Video



Steampunk music videos don’t need to be filled with airships, derring-do, mad science and Tesla coils. Sometimes, the steampunk aesthetic sets not only a mood but a story as well. In Russia, the band Sea of Despair has a music …

The Sons of Temperance


Sons of Temperance 2The Sons of Temperance describe themselves as “The 19th Century sound of ringing banjos, clacking bones, rhythmic bass and the jolly tambourine playing somber murder ballads, jaunty minstrel tunes, Celtic drinking songs, and tunes superimposed into that time with reckless …

Here Be Thee Bluebeard


TwirlWhen you think “anachronistic pirate improv comedian with an onstage talk show,” you think of Thee Bluebeard. The City of Milwaukee Official Municipal Jester Ann-Elizabeth Shapera describes him as “an effortless expert at the Fine Art of Walking Around …

The Eastland Disaster


EastlandThis year saw the 98th anniversary of the Eastland disaster. On July 24, 1915, the SS Eastland sank in the Chicago River, taking with it 848 lives.

The tragedy owes something to the sinking of the Titanic. After the …

All Aboard for Steamstock!


steamstock poster 03-promo-web

The Steamstock train pulls into the station on July 23, bringing a shipment of Frenchy and the Punk, The Cog Is Dead, and This Way to the Egress.

The bands hopped the rails on the east coast to embark upon …

Invade the Renaissance then enjoy a Cuppa


Ren Faire

Have nothing to do this weekend? Well, fear not intrepid steampunk, because this weekend is full of lots of things to keep you busy. First of all, Bristol Renaissance Faire is hosting a Steampunk invasion. The events include a Steampunk …

More Mechanical Music



Last year, I wrote about mechanical music. Joe Vourteque followed up with pictures from the Musee Mecanique in San Francisco.

My plunge has delved deeper. When I went to the Grayslake Antique Fair in August 2012, there were representatives …

A Steampunk event filled weekend!


cnr3 group

Steampunk events and gatherings are not just limited to large metropolitan areas. Some truly amazing, intimate, and fun filled events can be seen on farmsteads and forests just as much as in their urban counterparts! This past weekend, several Chicago …

In Discussion with Terra Mysterium



Chicago’s spiritually and steampunk inclined theatre troupe Terra Mysterium has released a video for “In the Observarium.” It’s the title track from one of their latest shows.

The performers took time to answer a few questions by e-mail.

1.How did