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Clockwork Vaudeville: March Edition


We’re at it again! Tomorrow is the second installment in our Clockwork Vaudeville series.  So do come join us!  What to expect you ask?  …

Downtown Club, Elate, to begin “Steampunk Thursdays”


This Thursday, upscale downtown Chicago lounge and restaurant Elate launches it’s “Steampunk Thursdays” night, an evening of live music, DJs, fashion, cocktails and food.  One particularly hallmark reason for our interest here at Steampunk Chicago is their philosophy …

Free Steampunk Showcase at Cobra Lounge March 26













The show has been cancelled. The Pretzelmen have encountered difficulties.












Celebratory Launch Party for The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Newest Steamy Album


On March 12th, the second album by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, entitled (big breath, here) “This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional …

Chicago Steampunks in News Tribune Article


Surprisingly our Lord Baron Joseph CR Vourteque IV and Mr M made the News Tribune in central Illinois, and it wasn’t for the crime spree! (‘The less said the better.)

Clockworks, corsets, airships and automatons are all remnants of another

Not a Review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants”


In lieu of the review of Hellblinki’s “These Bubbles Come from Ants” that I was asked to write, it seemed worthwhile to discuss the bonds that exist within the steampunk community.

Back at June’s Polyphonic Panorama at Chicago’s Abbey Pub, …

Chicago’s BOHO Theatre running “Tartuffe” a la Steampunk Style


Thanks to our friends at Terra Mysterium for this heads up.  Local Chicago theatre troop The Bohemian Theatre Ensemble is doing a “steampunk” rendition of the French classic Tartuffe running at The Wit theater in Lakeview through Feb 12th.

To …

Where Can I Find a Good Hat in Chicago?


“A topper is a topper and you can’t top that.” -Roger Miller, “The Hat”

It’s a shame to see so many Chicago heads emblazoned with the logo of a sports team. Baseball teams show regional boundaries. Football provides a unifying …

“Wonderland” DVD Release Party this Friday in Detroit


Some of our same friends who work on and are behind the phenomenon that is Theater Bizarre are at it with a new production “Wonderland” based on Lewis Caroll’s seminal novel.  The stage production and accompanying DVD is …

Murder! Mayhem! Tour Guides!


Chances are that we will see a renewed interest in Chicago history with the 2013 cinematic release of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City with Leonardo DiCaprio as the murderous H.H. Holmes. After all, it should combine the …