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What I learned at World Steam Expo III


World Steam Expo, or as “we people” like to call it “WSX”, ended a couple of weeks ago and I must say it was a wiz-bang of a time!

Though not quite as tight as previous years …

Electro-Swing Act Caravan Palace Releases New Album: PANIC


The sophomore release for any initially successful music act is a looming hurdle to overcome. On the one hand, the band has the momentum still going from their first release. On the other hand, the pressure to create something equally …

A Piratical Account of Gearbox Fantatstique II


Awright mates! Thee Bluebeard here to give you the bitter end of the recap for Gearbox Fantastique II. It was a rainy night in April at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. The year was 2012. I brought my hat. I …

Big Shoulders and a Hiwheel


My terribly clever wife Liz circumvented my impending mid-life crisis when she bought me a penny-farthing bike for my 40th birthday. She knew that it would be an affordable substitute for a Ferrari or Porsche.  As the Chicago seasons …

Review of Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica


This article first appeared as Steam Erotica and Other Things I’ve Been Reading for Work at Liz’s Masonic Lodge Blog.

This revised version was printed in Caboose #8 reDraft Picks.

Maybe you’ve jokingly looked at someone’s clothes and …

A TON Of Stuff For the Discerning Event-Goer This Week & Weekend!


Gearbox Fantastique II

My my what a week ahead of us we have!  With the ever broadening array of things to do both vintage, retro, and steampunk, how can one decide?  Well, we’re here to help you!

The Classic Remastered “A Trip To

How Highwind Steamworks Works


Dawn and Jeff

Go to Steampunk Chicago events or local cons and you will undoubtedly see the merchandise table of Jeff Platt and Dawn Przybylski, Highwind Steamworks. They craft jewelry, leatherwork, goggles and other steampunk gear. You can also visit their Etsy

Clockwork Vaudeville: March Edition


We’re at it again! Tomorrow is the second installment in our Clockwork Vaudeville series.  So do come join us!  What to expect you ask? 

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Downtown Club, Elate, to begin “Steampunk Thursdays”


This Thursday, upscale downtown Chicago lounge and restaurant Elate launches it’s “Steampunk Thursdays” night, an evening of live music, DJs, fashion, cocktails and food.  One particularly hallmark reason for our interest here at Steampunk Chicago is their philosophy …

Free Steampunk Showcase at Cobra Lounge March 26













The show has been cancelled. The Pretzelmen have encountered difficulties.












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