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Jelly Boy of The Squidling Brothers Caught in Queens Fire


On Saturday, July 2nd Jellyboy The Clown of The Squidling Brothers was caught in a non-performance related fire in his friend’s Queens apartment.  He’s presently in critical, but stable condition and can use any and all of our wishes and …

Give a Little Back to the Scene


Steampunk is a vibrant and constantly changing arts, music and fashion movement.  And with that it is, of course, expected that there are some lofty dreamers and thinkers with some even loftier goals.  Fortunately for them, and arguably the rest … Needs Your Help!


We will keep this one short and sweet. As we all know, times are tough and unfortunately websites are not an exception to such a fray.  Thus our good friends over at are asking for your support.  In case …