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Getting Everleighed: Then and Now


Everleigh_Club_-_Hallway_to_Entrance_02The Everleigh name evokes quality titillation in Chicago. The Everleigh Sisters opened their high-end brothel in February 1900; Miss Exotic World Michelle L’amour opened the burlesque salon the Everleigh Social Club in November 2010. Vice rarely appears as refined as …

Step Back in Time Again and Steam out the Renaissance!


©2013 Steve Spitzer

The anachronistic studies know no bounds, especially when it comes to all things steam, swords, clocks, and corsets! This weekend July 19 and 20, step back in time at Bristol Renaissaince Faire for the annual steampunk invasion!…

The Independent District of Streeterville


George Wellington -Cap- Streeter“Cap” Streeter’s steamboat Reutan ran into a sandbar 450 feet off of Chicago’s near north shore on July 10, 1886. Turning misfortune into opportunity, he claimed the area as the independent United States District of Lake Michigan. He filled the …

V Is For Villains Masquerade Loft Party

villainsfizzbar2Industrial Music Works and Vicarious Venues present…

The Masquerade Loft Party at Fizz Bar

June 27, 2014, 8 pm

Steampunk Day at the Field Museum


fb-banner-01 Steampunk Chicago is pleased to present in partnership with Chicago’s Field Museum Magic of the Midway, celebrating their 1893 World’s Fair exhibit!

Calling all steampunks in, around, and beyond Chicago! Come to the The Field Museum for a one

Chanute’s Gliders


Chanute-Herring1896BiplaneGlider_1_P2On June 22, 1896, Octave Chanute went to Miller Junction, IN, to pursue his dream of heavier-than-air flying machines. The civil engineer had designed the Chicago Stock Yards, the Kansas City Stock Yards and the first bridge to cross the …

Michael Coorlim: Self-Published Steampunk


cogsmenMSelf-publishing saved Michael Coorlim’s life. After stints as a retail clerk, a security guard and a janitor in a mental hospital, he directed his efforts into supporting himself through writing. It came with lessons in self-promotion, marketing, and cover …

H.H. Holmes Hanged!


Dr._Henry_Howard_Holmes_(Herman_Webster_Mudgett)Acknowledged as America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes was hanged on May 7, 1896. He lured men, women and children from the World’s Fair to his “murder castle” in Englewood. A fraud and a liar, it is difficult to ascertain …

A Night in the Haymarket


Haymarket Anarchy

On the evening of the first Tuesday in May 1886, 180 officers of the Chicago police department marched into a crowd double that size made up of anarchists, striking laborers, and the merely curious. The crowd had gathered earlier that …

Colonel Obadiah Gunn’s Wild West Music Show



There’s a new passel of rough riders a-ridin’ into town, a-whompin’ and whoopin’ every livin’ thing that moves within an inch of its life. These here buzzards are Colonel Obadiah Gunn’s Wild West Music Show. Colonel Gunn (aka V …